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Title: Impressions of Capetown.

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Every so often one finds the place where everyone wants to be. Such a place is the waterfront at Cape Town where we searched over 200 tables in a waterside restaurant to find a vacant seat. Crowds thronged the walkways and an African rhythm band played outside; a short distance away German folk songs had an enthusiastic audience and, in between, a young African strummed a guitar. When we, at last, found an empty table we were speedily served with Vogelstraus Geschnetzeltes - Ostrich strips braised with mushrooms, herbs and cream served with spatzle for 55 Rand, equivalent to about £3.50. The whole was downed by a generous glass of Blaauwklippen sociable red - an agreeable wine and remarkable value at the equivalent of £2 per bottle. I was less pleased with the Calamari fish steak the next evening. Its texture resembled a tough egg custard with an indefinable taste but it improved with a good dose of pepper.

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One of the high lights of the Cape Heritage Tour was the visit to the Klein Plasie open-air museum, which displayed the life style of the early farmers. Elegant thatched buildings constructed from materials in the woodland were in sharp contrast to the corrugated iron dwellings prevalent in the shantytowns visible en route from the airport. Why, we asked, could they not emulate the early farmers and build more elegant structures. The shantytowns arise due to the migration by people in search of work. The meagre space available on the outskirts of the town does not have the materials of the woodland; the materials that are available are the unattractive cast-offs of a more industrial society. Also visible are the townships initiated by Nelson Mandela. Here the structures of brick and concrete are more permanent with water and electricity provided.

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