Thumbnail photographs of Sarawak, N Borneo.

(NB These slides were taken in 1963)
Chinese in Sibu. Basket making. Drying the rubber.
bo51..Chinese in Sibu. bo57..Basket making. bo61..Drying the rubber.
Longhouse. Longhouse terrace. Kuching.
bo68..Longhouse. bo69..Longhouse terrace. bo77..Kuching.
RC church, Kuching. Mosque in Kuching. Mosque interior.
bo78..RC Church, Kuching. bo79..Mosque in Kuching. bo80..Mosque interior.
Collecting rubber. Pilot on launch. Headman Longhouse corridor.
bo60..Collecting rubber. bo55.Pilot on launch.. bo67..Headman. bo70..Longhouse corridor.

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