Thumbnail photographs of Thailand.

(NB These slides were taken in 1963)
Canal (from train). Entrance to new Buddhist Temple New Buddhist Temple
th8..Canal (from train). th3.Entrance to new Buddhist Temple th4.....New Buddhist Temple
Temples of Emerald Buddha-1 Temples of Emerald Buddha-2 Temples of Emerald Buddha-3
th38..Temples of Emerald Buddha-1 th44.Temples of Emerald Buddha-2 th45.Temples of Emerald Buddha-3
.Dwellings - SE Thailand Temple of Reclining Buddha. Temple of Standing Buddha.
th6...Dwellings - SE Thailand th17..Temple of Reclining Buddha. th19.Temple of Standing Buddha.
Clown at temple. Golden Buddha Temples of Emerald Buddha-4 Temples of Emerald Buddha-5
th26...Clown at temple. th10..Golden Buddha. th48.Emerald Buddha-4 th49. Emerald Buddha-5

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